Quick fixes just don’t work

Over the last few months and even more noticeably over the last few weeks I keep getting messages into my inbox about Getting Clients Now and Beating the Recession.

Very enticing, very exciting, just what we all need right now?  YES! And NO….

YES… because who wouldn’t want more clients and if you are struggling to find them then these kind of messages would certainly catch your eye. (If Woolies can go under then who is safe?)

NO…I am crazy? NO! Panicking and quick fixes are just not the answer.  Your clients can tell you are panicking – who doesn’t think that the high street is panicking with every shop having a sale?  That’s my point.

If you look like you are in need of clients, if you look like you are panicking – then you probably are and this will keep clients away from you much in the same way a commitment-phobic man bolts from the restaurant when his date turns up in a wedding dress!

I’m not saying there isn’t merit in adapting your business and marketing strategy to meet the current economic climate – just don’t do it in way that shows them the whites of your eyes.

  • Don’t slash your prices, start discounting ‘willy-nilly’ or give loads of stuff away
  • Rather, raise your prices and promote your exclusivity
  • Stay consistent in the promotion of your brand – despite the ‘fluffy’ exterior that some may attribute to it, your brand is the very cornerstone of your business and your success
  • People don’t just buy discounts – they buy confidence and that means your brand – keeping it strong and consistent is the key

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