Making the most of your networking minute


I do some networking for my business and in fact it has proven to be such a good form of marketing for me, that I am planning to do a lot more this year.

One thing that I read about quite often is how to make the most of your networking or how to be more confident in your networking. This not really something I worry too much about, being quite a confident and outgoing person.

However, I know that to some people networking is the horror of horrors – just as public speaking once was for me. And so any tips at all on more confident networking are always going to be of interest.

But there is more to confident networking than a few hints and tips.  It really comes down to how confident you really are about your business and your ability to do your job or serve your clients well.

In terms of networking this is crucial, because if you don’t believe in yourself or your business proposition then you aren’t going to come across as particularly credible.

Also, if you don’t really understand what you are offering and how it benefits your clients then again when you are networking and someone asks you “What do you do?” – you aren’t going to say the right thing, which really means you won’t be making the most of your networking minute.


To make the most of your networking minute and to be more confident in your general networking you must:

  1. Be completely confident that your business offering is sound and credible – if you truly believe in your business others will believe in it too.
  2. Believe in yourself and know that you are good at what you do – as above!
  3. Know your business proposition inside and out – if you don’t know what you offer to your clients and how it helps them then how can you explain that clearly and with impact to someone else?
  4. Be prepared – you should take some time to write down your networking minute – including all the essential information you want to convey and crafting it in to a smooth delivery that you can adapt as you need to.  (Having a memorised pitch comes across as just that and undermines your credibility.  If you can speak from the heart in an apparently spontaneous yet thought out and deliberate way then what you say will be believed and trusted rather than seen as a ‘sell’.)

That’s it.  So if you are planning to do some networking to grow your business – and believe me it is one of the best ways to do that if you approach it with the right attitude – then you should make sure that you take note of the above and really make the most of your networking minute.

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