A new way to tell time


Since my last post I have become slightly addicted to Twitter.  In just one week I have gained 71 followers and am following 73 people myself; I have been interviewed for a twitter blog and have gained one new client.  I have done 152 tweets (or updates) – that’s about 19 a day and read a whole lot more… I am really enjoying it and have even set up a “why I love Twiter” blog at www.twitterlove.co.uk.

picture-1There are lots of things I love about Twitter and I have really taken to it. One of the many things I have read and discovered on Twitter is something that is a little bit different and not business related at all but it is ever so cool: a polar clock screensaver for pc/mac and a mac widget.

The polar clock makes a stunning screensaver and is a new way to tell the time.  Have a look for yourself here: http://blog.pixelbreaker.com/polarclock/