A time to remember…

dad-canvasJust a quick note on the fact that it is my dad’s birthday today. He would have been 66 but died 5 years ago from a stroke having made a miraculous recovery from terminal cancer.

I always like to take some time around now to reflect on what a huge influence he was on my life, how he set me on the path I am now living and how he was always there for me – the one person I could absolutely, 100%, without-a-doubt count on.

He was a massive inspiration and guide, not only that but he was someone I could have a laugh with, watch football with and a moan with – however the mood took us.

I am so proud that my dad was an award-winning photographer, who travelled the world, worked with some of the best, was one of the best and knew pretty much everything except how to sew or cook breakfast!

More than that I am extremely proud that he was my dad and that my two children both have his name as one of theirs and I can see him every day in them.

Here’s to you Peter Stone, photographer extraordinare, dad and husband to beat them all.

Happy Birthday Dad – hope you can see that we are ok but are always thinking about you – every single day. Love you – you grumpy bugger! xxx