The essence of brand…

arrows-confusion-1…The essence of your business

I have been talking to a few new clients recently and all seem to be in a similar position. They have an amazing passion for what they do and want to run their own business, but when it comes to actually working out what it actually is they want to do in their business, something happens.

Either, they have been caught up in a ‘title’ and feel they have to reflect that or due to the very helpful comments and suggestions from friends and family, have moved so far from their original idea that they are not really sure what they are doing any more.

When I find clients in either of these situations, or indeed in any situation that means they have lost sight of their business brand, one of the things I do – usually before we do anything else – is to take them back to the very beginning. As a certified marketing coach one of my skills is to help my clients ‘find’ their brand (again).

Creating your business brand

If marketing is everything we do for our business, then brand is everything about our business. Your business brand is created by:

  • Understanding what you offer to your customers or clients
  • Knowing why you are doing it, what your passion is and your motivation
  • Having a clear idea of who your customers or clients are and
  • Identifying the key features and more importantly the benefits of your business

When you have worked out these elements of your business, you have effectively built or created your business brand.  Because your brand is your business. It is how customers or potential customers perceive it, experience it, remember it, identify with it.  It also how you present it, communicate it, live it!

Get it down on paper

writing-things-downSo, spend some time working this out. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process but writing it down on paper will help you get it clarified and set in your mind. usually I spend any where between a couple of hours and up to 2 or 3 days working on this with clients.

And you don’t have to use fancy words. You are not writing your sales brochure, your website or your business plan. What you are doing is getting it clear in your head what your business is all about so that you understand it and can then communicate it effectively and clearly to your customers.

You can’t do your brochure, website or business plan properly unless you take this step first and it is surprising just how many people start a business without having really taken the time to understand it.

If you want help discovering the essence of your brand, then feel free to email me or give me a call on Skype: JustTooBusy or 01932 219069.