Moving home? Moving office? Take away a little bit of the stress….

house moving boxesI have just moved home, which means I have just moved office (as I work some of the time from home). And it was horrible! As you can see from the date of my previous post (26th May) it has been a while since I have been able to blog.  The reason? UTTER CHAOS!

And although there were some external factors that caused this chaos (mainly BT messing up my Internet connection) but the majority of it is post move chaos – changing my power supply, moving Sky, changing phone numbers and the most time consuming one: telling all my services, banks etc that I have moved. It is such a draining process and I keep putting it off because of that.

I have to unpack my files, dig out the latest statement or letter from those companies and then write them a letter, print it, put in an envelope, put a stamp on it and post it – even if I could phone them up and tell them or email them – it would still be a drag.

So here is a little tip for you if you are about to move house or just in case you might in the future – I guarantee that this will make life easier for you.  And it doesn’t just apply to your personal paperwork – it will work great for your business information and accounts too!

little notebookGet yourself a little notebook, keep it with your other important docs such as passport, paper part of your driving licence, birth certificates etc and write down every single account that you have: credit cards, bank accounts, business bank accounts, business suppliers, call minding service, mobile phone, insurance etc.  With each entry include the following information:

** Name of supplier

** Account number

** Customer service address and/or phone number

** Any other relevant info you think might be useful to have noted down

It seems SO simple doesn’t it? Yup! But even with my staggering IQ and having moved four times in the last 11 years (I am hoping to stay put for some time now!) I have only just thought of this now. I wish I had my little notebook right this second so I could get all this out of the way and be done with it once and for all – but I DON’T! D’oh!

I have to wade through unpacked boxes, create even more mess, find the right files (and there are quite a few to find) and get the right piece of paper, then start the process of the letter writing. (Then I have to pack it all away again so I can move it to the right part of the house.)

So I hope my minor horror story and ‘way too late’ solution might be of use or interest to you in the future. All that hassle and stress removed with one little notebook….  🙂