Marketing Basics: Creating a newsletter your subscribers want to read

Part of the Marketing Basics series: 17 Ways to generate leads for your business…

moonI really do enjoy putting my newsletter together.

The only problem I ever have is religiously sticking to the monthly timetable I have set myself.  I know why I have set that monthly frequency – because I was told to and because everything I read all those years ago said that was the best thing to do.

I have since come to realise that it really doesn’t matter if my newsletter is a couple of days late – because honestly, you’re not sitting there just waiting for it are you?  Of course not – you have far more important things to do!

So I’m going to ditch the monthly thing and just send you out a newsletter when the mood takes me. Now I promise not to go crazy and make you want to unsubscribe and I also promise I won’t forget about you either.

But what I will do is promise to always try to make my newsletters an interesting read and about something that will hopefully provide you with new or helpful information for your business.

Ok so moving on to the meat of this Marketing Basic.

Even as recently as five years ago people were saying: if you don’t have a website – you don’t have a business that will be able to survive or compete.  That wasn’t really true then.  It is now… and it applies to all types of businesses.  The same is now becoming true of having an email newsletter.

Woman at laptopIt certainly isn’t crucial to have an email newsletter – especially if you have nothing you want to say – but it is considered an excellent low-cost way of staying in regular contact with your clients and prospects.  It is even better when you make that newsletter of interest and use to your readers.

So how do you create a newsletter that your subscribers will not want to miss?

1.  Write about what you KNOW:

If you provide information on which you really know your stuff, chances are your readers will find it interesting or at least learn something they didn’t know before.

2.   Write about what they WANT:

Most people will have subscribed to your newsletter in the first place because they think you have something to say that they will want to hear.  So understand who your subscribers are, look at why they may have signed up to your newsletter and make sure you write about things that match that. For example, if you say you are a marketing expert then people will sign up to your newsletter to hear what you have to say about marketing to see if it can help their business.

3.   Use your PERSONALITY:

Don’t be stiff and formal in your newsletters. They are quite a familiar method of communication – after all, your newsletter is going straight into inboxes at your reader’s invitation – so make it personable and let people see what you are all about.  By letting your list get to know you as a person as well as a business, they are more likely to feel a growing connection with you.  After all, people buy from people.

4.   Create SNAPPY headlines:

Ok, so you have written your lovely, engaging and interesting (we hope) newsletter and it has arrived in your list’s inboxes.  But no one seems to be opening it.  Oh no…..  What headline did you use?  To put it simply, the more interesting and intriguing your headline, the more likely people are to open and then read your newsletter.  I know when I have done a really great headline because my open rate shoots up.

5.   Keep it to the POINT:

No-one will read a long and rambling newsletter.  We just don’t have the time, do we?  So stick to one topic per newsletter.  If you have a lot to say then split it up into shorter more frequent newsletters. Numbered lists or top tips are a good way to impart useful information quickly in an easy-to-digest way.


Yes you’re in business to make money and if you’re not then you are either scarily rich or just way too nice!  Anyway, that’s what business is about.  But it is also about building and fostering relationships; helping your clients in more ways than they ask for by exceeding expectations as often as you can and providing a professional and credible service.  Your email newsletter does all of these things when written in the right way and when you don’t fill it with things like: Buy from me I’m great!

Sharing your knowledge and providing useful information, you are showing your readers that not only do you really know what you are talking about but that you are more interested in building a relationship with them than just making a quick sale.

Of course, you need a call to action on every piece of marketing that you do (and that’s what a newsletter is) but it should be more like a gentle tapping on a champagne glass with a silver spoon rather than a sledgehammer over the head!

With that said, if you would like some help to get your email newsletter up and running, if you want a new design, some good ideas for content or help with writing it, then please get in touch.

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