Ooh we’re all becoming teenagers…..!

No it’s not a magic trick or plastic surgery on a global scale or even some airborne virus from Fringe, but quite bizarrely we are about to enter the decade of the teens – the 20 teens and we are all about to become teenagers again. Woo…. Hoo?

It’s weird, I used to look at my driving licence after I had just passed my test and think WOW, 2043 – I can drive until then? I’ll be sooooooo old. 🙂 And yes it’s still a way away, but now I am on the ‘other’ side of the divide and the fact that we are about to go into 2010 just drives home the fact that another year has passed us by and time just will not stop! Boo time!

I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, I just felt the need to express my thoughts about this, because like me I just know you are probably sitting thinking – crap that year went fast and I’m soooo glad it’s over over OR crap that year went fast – it was soooo much fun. Whichever it is for you: “Crap that year really went fast!”

Wishing the time away

And I can’t wait for the new one to begin. Not because the last was one so awful (it wasn’t that great either in parts) but just because this year just gone and all the ones before it have been leading me to this point in my life and I am so excited! (I feel like singing that Pointer Sisters song!)

So what am I going to do in 2010? Why am I “Just So Excited?” Well for one thing I’m going to be Just Too Busy – really and truly. And the first thing I am going to do, in fact already have done,  is wish the new year away. Seriously, I have typed up my business wish list for 2010 and it starts with the sentence: “Well it’s nearly 2011 and I am so pleased that…”

That’s right, my wish list starts at the end of the year that hasn’t quite begun. Some people call it visualisation and others say it is asking the universe – the law of attraction etc. I like to call it determination. I know what I want out of my business this year and I am flipping well going to get it. Not in a selfish way, not in an arrogant way, just in a determined and deliberate way.

My business wish list

So… my business wish list. It’s not too detailed; it doesn’t lay huge requests on my lap; it certainly doesn’t put any pressure on me to achieve – which is what some say you need to drive to you achieve your goals.

It is a guiding light for me to follow throughout the year (yes I know apt Christmas language!), leading me towards the successes I know are mine to enjoy. And I’m certainly not expecting a magic trick to fulfil my wishes – these are things I want to see happen for me and my business this year.

Do you have an drive to achieve something specific in 2010? Are you just itching to get going? If so, write it down. Make your own business wish list. Put down on paper the statement of fact listing what you will be pleased about this time next year. It’s not a pressure thing, it’s not a stress thing, it’s not an expectation thing – it’s certainly not traditional goal setting. And you are definitely not asking someone or something else to fulfil the list for you.

Your list is a guiding thing… It is there to guide you through this next year. It’s there to help you make the right decisions in your business that will lead to you achieving the items on that list. There is no question that you can achieve everything on your list, but that’s really not what the list is about. The list is there simply to remind you what you are working towards; to keep you focused and on track. It’s only 12 months and it goes pretty quickly, doesn’t it? So you don’t want to mess about getting sidelined and distracted. Your list is there for you….

So, what do you do now?

  1. Decide what you want from this year (2010): one, two, ten things, whatever…
  2. Write it all down. Go into a little detail about each thing on your list and how you see it when you have achieved it.
  3. Get excited, keep looking at your list and GO for it!

Go on – get going! Merry Christmas and Happy 2010 everyone!