Marketing Basics: Article Writing & Submission

Spreading the word – proving your expertise!

Article writing and its online distribution is an excellent, low-cost way to market your business and it achieves a number of very positive things for your business and your profile. It:

  • Establishes your knowledge and expertise on your chosen topic
  • Enables you to communicate with your target market (and more) on any topic of your choice (of course it should be relevant to them)
  • Provides a forum via your author biography or article resource box for you to ‘brazenly’ promote your business (in conjunction with the expertise piece this works really well)
  • Creates inbound links to drive people to your website or blog (as long as you remember to include the URL in your bio or resource box!)
  • Raises your profile and adds to your credibility as an expert
  • Gives your target market the opportunity to learn more about your field of expertise (and your business) in a non-sales way
  • Has a positive impact on your website’s page ranking and SEO results rankings
  • Provides you with a range of information that you can leverage in a number of other ways such as using the information for a newsletter, a blog post, put it on your website, use in a presentation, part of an ebook or series and more….

So you can see that just by writing one article and submitting it online the results of that can be impressive. Of course, the more articles you write the better and more impressive the results will be. It won’t work just to submit one article – but it is a start!

And that’s where most people STOP!

Why? Because they just don’t know where to start… Writing articles, in fact writing any type of copy is something that comes easily to me and the Just Too Busy team and is something we enjoy, but for many it is something they tend to avoid doing – through fear, lack of inspiration, confidence or just simple lack of time.

But when you consider the benefits of writing articles on a regular basis and submitting them online then you can see it really is something that can benefit your business if included in your marketing activity.

If you aren’t doing article marketing right now then have a think about starting. If you don’t like writing then you can get articles etc, written for you based on your brief or you can buy Private Label Rights (PLR) articles, which are articles that have been written by someone else but not to your specification.

I don’t particularly like PLR material simply because article writing – just like blogging and networking – is about you and your business – you can’t really mass produce that or buy it in “off the rack” if you are central to your business brand (which most small business owners are!).

Just Too Busy does write articles, blogs, newsletters and more for our clients – but we always do it to a brief and we get to know our clients’ businesses before we start.

Most of the time our clients provide us with an outline of the information they want included in the article. This means that even if it doesn’t exactly come across as being written by you – it will be done in a way the does reflect you and your business brand. It will also be professionally written and this gives a great impression to readers.

If you ARE already writing articles, you need to make sure you are submitting them to the right places online.

This is where it can get confusing. There are loads, and I mean loads, of companies, services, websites and software programmes available so you can submit your articles online. And you do want to use one of them because submitting articles online manually is a nightmare and takes a long, long time to do.

But which method do you choose? Well this is ultimately up to you but here are some things to take into consideration:

Quality not quantity – don’t just go for the method that offers you the highest number of sites that it submits to as some of these sites will just not be relevant to your topic or your business; and ask for a list or partial list of the sites on offer for distribution – check them out.

Ease of use – the first time you submit an article will probably be the most time consuming if you are using a programme or online distribution site – but once you have gone through the ‘set up’ then future submissions should be a lot easier. Of course if you pay someone to do all this for you then each time – even the first – should be a dream.

Upsetting search engines – there are basically two opinions on this point otherwise known as content duplication. Argument 1: search engines and in particular Google do not like duplicate content. This is true but it applies to duplicate content within one website. If you populate your websites with 10s of pages of the same content just to catch the keyword spider’s eye then you will be penalised for abusing the duplicate content ‘rule’.

Argument 2: The rule does not apply to article submission. Google and the other search engines recognise article submission as a valid, white hat (that means above board) marketing technique. Having the same article word for word on several or 100s of different article sites will not get you penalised – it just creates lots and lots of opportunities for people to see your articles and inbound back links to your website. So don’t waste you money on services that tweak your articles or ‘spin’ as it can be known so that you produce 100s of slightly different versions. This really can do more harm than good for your profile and is only supported or done by people who don’t really understand article marketing.

Your resource box – (or author bio) this is the bit that can make all the difference to the impact your online article marketing can have. You must make sure you utilise this facility to it’s maximum potential – taking full advantage of the 400 to 800 characters you can use to shamelessly promote you and your business and including a back link and an incentive for people to visit your website or blog once they have read your article.

So are you ready? It really is a great way to get your brand and your expertise out there and if you are thinking “Who wants to hear what I’ve got to say?”

Just remember that even if other people are writing about the same topics as you – and they are – no one is writing about them in your unique way, from your unique perspective and experience.

Only YOU will talk about your topic in your way with your particular insight and style. That, on top of the actual information itself, is why people will want to listen to and read what you have to say.

And if you want a little help then just give us a call on 0845 272 3539 or email me on and we’ll see what we can do! ☺  Visit for more information about what we do for our clients…