IS content KING?

I read this great post last week called “60 Proven Ways to Increase Your Online Marketing Influence” on the Hubspot blog and I bookmarked it because I knew I would want to come back to it: 1) to refer to and remind myself of the ways mentioned and 2) because I realised it would be a good basis for a post of my own.

Out of the 60 ways included in the list, 12 of them (that’s 20%) mentioned directly or referred to “content” or “message”.

So IS content King?

Errr simply: YES. Without content you would have no blogs, no newsletters, no websites, no sales letters, no stream, no feed, no… anything. So yes it IS king, but only if you get it right.

Your content is the real vehicle for getting your business, message, brand and more out there – the ways you do it i.e. Twitter, your marketing material, your video tutorials etc are just the carriers. So what’s more important in content? What you say, the way you say it or how you deliver it?

Opinions differ. Some people may say that no matter how good your content, if it is not presented in an easily digestible and/or visually attractive way, then it doesn’t matter what the content says. I agree.

Others say that the channel is the most important and dictates the perception and expectation your reader/your audience will have of the content and will influence their reaction to it. So if your content isn’t that hot but you disseminate it through the latest technology then the wow factor may be enough to get a positive reaction and carry you through. Again I agree.

Yet another point of view I have read and heard booted about (especially from clients) is that if your content is good, if what you have to say is earth shattering or completely unique (well they think it is), this will override all other considerations. Here is where I would disagree.

It’s not just what you say…

Just like body language, just like tone of voice, the way you present your content depends on the way it is presented and the method of delivery you use as well as what you are actually saying.

On the flip side to this, no matter how glitzy your presentation or how wow-y or trendy your channel of communication, if your content is rubbish – there’s just no coming back from that.

So yes! Content IS king but presentation and delivery of that content are the throne that the content sits on and the crown that tops it all off – and what’s a king without his (or her) throne and crown?