What’s your Wordle?

I have JUST discovered what a Wordle is. Well, actually I have seen these beautiful word clouds around for ages but just thought they were a design style. I never realised that there was an online tool that allowed you to create your very own Wordle. And.. it… is… AMAZING!!!

Saying I LOVE this tool is no understatement. It is fab-u-lous!!!

I did a search on google for “what’s a wordle” and cam across this great post. I loved the comparison between Michell Obama’s speech and Sarah Palin’s. So I found the Wordle tool online and decided to input my bio into it (the bio I use for my website and all my speaking gigs or anything else that needs a bio).

This, with a little customisation of fonts and colours (you can’t change the words once the Wordle has been created) is my BIO wordle:

Isn’t it pretty? And of course the word marketing is at the centre of this just like everything I do.

PLEASE go to Wordle and send me yours – you can screenprint it or if you have a Mac then Apple + Shift + 4 will let you take a snapshot. I would love to do a post with all your Wordles on. I love mine so much I am going to use it on my new website (coming soon!).