Lo-Tech Your Marketing….

In these days of social media, online marketing, SEO and more sometimes going back to basics is the way to go. I'm talking about "lo-teching" your marketing.

I did some direct mail marketing for a client of mine and I decided we should do a 'split test'. You see, the DM approach is usually the glossy flyer or promotional item sent to you target market in the hopes this impresses them so much that they become your customer. and if done right that can work.

However, one of the biggest barriers to DM is getting your 'target' to even open your letter or packet or read the flyer that comes through their door.

So our split test involved a really simple tactic

Have a think…. If a letter comes through the door with a nicely printed label and/or a 'logo-ed' post mark, one of the first assumptions you might make is that it's junk mail. If you receive a handwritten letter, then what do you think? And which one are you more likely to open?

That was the essence of our split test. We bought in a database and sent letters containing a postcard to each of them. (We did this so that even if they didn't read the letter they might take notice of the postcard.)

On 50% of the letters we used printed labels. On the other 50%, we hand wrote each and every one, and put stamps on them (not post marks).

What do you think happened? From which 50% did we see our best results?

If you are more likely to open a handwritten letter (and think why this may be), then can you see how "lo-teching" your marketing can sometimes beat the high-tech, slick (and usually more expensive) methods?

Why is this important for small business marketing?

Small businesses are usually operating on a smaller budget. This is especially useful if you have the time but not the money to invest into your marketing. I always say to my clients: "You wither have to invest money in your marketing or time (and ability)." if you don't have the time then you have to invest money. If you don't have the money then you need to invest the time – and of course you need to be able to so what you want to do. If you don't have the skill – you need to learn.

How can you learn to do your own marketing?

Well you can sign up to marketing tips sites and newsletters. You can read marketing blogs and get some really useful ideas. But what most of these ideas won't do is get you to really understand your marketing and how to approach it so that you don't waste money on doing things just because you think you "should".

I have launched a programme aimed specifically at small business owners who want to understand their marketing and how to do it for best effect rather than wasting money they don't have and being disappointed. It's called Marketing Magic and you can find out more here.

It's not always about "lo-teching" your marketing but if you know the options you have at your disposal and which ones are best for your business, then wouldn't that be a good thing??

To find out more about how we help small businesses with their marketing click here. You can also sign up to our webinar: "3 MUST HAVES For Creating a Successful Business brand" here.