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Social Media and Marketing: Using Your Head

During my usual weekly rummage through the delights of the Internet I came across this absolutely wonderful post by Frank Strong, the director of Public Relations at Vocus & PRWeb, a client of TopRank Online Marketing and featured on Top Rank It was called “7 Social Media Lessons from Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid”.

A well crafted, currently relevant (vis a vis Karate Kid 2010) and a fondly nostalgic blog post, it really summed up the best way to approach social media and the ways I myself try to approach it. However, out of all the words of Miyagi wisdom “using head for something other than target” hit home the most for me as I see this applying to all forms of marketing and promotion, not just social media.

The biggest mistake businesses make in marketing is trying to sell.


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Twitter: what’s it all about then?

The Essential Twitter Dichotomy…twitter_logo_header1

It’s quite funny.  The amount of tweets on Twitter I see that say, “Just joined Twitter, what’s it all about?” or “New to Twitter – help!”. I do have to laugh because that was me about two months ago.

I had heard of Twitter – I think the first time I heard about it was last summer – say August 08. But apart from knowing it was some kind of social media tool I had absolutely no idea what it what was, what it was for and why on earth I should care!

Oh the beauty and benefit of hindsight! I wouldn’t be without Twitter now, but the question is still posed by many – both newbies and veterans and me on occasion – “what’s it all about then?” And by that I mean some people are still struggling to understand the uses and benefits of Twitter; others are having ‘discussions’ on how best to use Twitter or what it’s greatest strengths are.

twitter_birdie1I say… IT DEPENDS! Just like any other marketing strategy in the stable, Twitter and social media at large, does what you need it to do – if you know what that is! Those people who join because they think they should are the same people who have a blog but no idea why (or what to do with it). On the flip side those Twitterati, the IM gurus, the 10k plus followers people have a vastly different viewpoint.

This post examines what Twitter means to different people and how it can be used to suit both different marketing strategies and different agendas – i.e. what they hope Twitter will do for them.

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My Twitter Business Interview

twitter_birdieYes I know I have done quite a few posts this week on Twitter, but it really is a seriously good tool for business.  It is certainly going to explode this year as one of the most important social media marketing strategies.

I was asked, by a fellow Twitter user, to comment on how I use Twitter for my business.  It’s a great read and may impart some useful tips on how to approach Twitter for your own business.  Here is my Twitter Business Interview.

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Loving Twitter! Are You? How to be successful with Twitter

I must be doing something right – I joined Twitter on 16th Feb (just over two short weeks ago now) and I have passed two milestones tonight: I now have over 100 followers and I have updated over 210 tweets.

If you want to know my Twitter secrets then sign up to my newsletter here: Just Too Busy Newsletter – as the article in my next issue will cover just what I did and how I am growing my follower base all the time.  You can even learn how I got my first Twitter client.

Or if you can’t wait then you can download this free ebook called “How to Get Started Using Twitter” – it’s by a fellow Tweeter called Mark Shaw and you can find this book here.

If you have any questions then just get in touch or leave a comment I will get back to you.  You can also follow me on Twitter @JustTooBusy.

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