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Your brand is more than just a logo…

I have to say I get 'slightly' annoyed when I see creative design and "marketing" companies talking about your brand, as if brand is all about the logo, look and visual style of your business.

Your BRAND is more than just a logo!

Your business brand is the very essence of your business and your visual "brand identity" is simply the representation and communication of your brand values. And a visual one that can help your customers and potential customers recognise you with ease and consistency.

So for me, and the team at Just Too Busy, when we help you create your brand, we are doing MORE than just designing you a new logo (although this is something we do very well, I have to say!).

Your business brand consists of key elements that you need to understand and define, so that you can commun...

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A time to remember…

dad-canvasJust a quick note on the fact that it is my dad’s birthday today. He would have been 66 but died 5 years ago from a stroke having made a miraculous recovery from terminal cancer.

I always like to take some time around now to reflect on what a huge influence he was on my life, how he set me on the path I am now living and how he was always there for me – the one person I could absolutely, 100%, without-a-doubt count on.

He was a massive inspiration and guide, not only that but he was someone I could have a laugh with, watch football with and a moan with – however the mood took us.

I am so proud that my dad was an award-winning photographer, who travelled the world, worked with some of the best, was one of the best and knew pretty much everything except how to sew or cook breakfast!

More tha...

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Easter Facts

Want to know more about Easter? Here are some Easter facts:

Funny Bunny

In earlier times the Easter Bunny was associated with hares and not rabbits. Then rabbits replaced hares, as rabbits are said to be a symbol of fruitfulness and fertility. This change happened because rabbits reproduce very quickly. Moreover, rabbits are similar to hares and are very common everywhere. Christians changed the symbol to the Easter Bunny.easter-eggs

All your chocolate eggs in one basket?

The tradition of a chocolate Easter basket is most common amongst Americans. It is also believed by children that on this day the Easter Bunny will bring a basket full of chocolates, sweets and Easter eggs for them.

Traditional Easter Egg Hunt Game

No Easter celebration is complete without an Easter egg hunt game...

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