Founder Bio

Founder Bio

Alex is a natural entrepreneur and a strategic marketer who effortlessly combines passion, talent, insight, charm, wit, enthusiasm and knowledge with a positive and a can-do mindset. A marketing force of nature and fuelled by an innate business understanding Alex has an instinctive ability to bring the very best out of the people she works with.

Marketing and media is in Alex's blood, which explains why she takes to it like a duck to water. Her late father was an award-winning Fleet Street photo-journalist for the Daily Mirror and Alex was exposed at an early age to a world of words, wisdom and wily marketing techniques. She embraced the business world and soon discovered she was a natural business thinker and ideas person with the added ability to be hands-on.

Following a successful media career which includes working in a variety of marketing roles at Procter & Gamble, Sharwoods (RHM), an international mobile phone distributor and a technology start-up business, as well as owning and editing a local newspaper, Alex founded the award-winning company, Just Too Busy in 2005.

A team of creative business thinkers and strategic marketing consultants who have a healthy dose of practical knowledge and ability too, Just Too Busy is a solid marketing and creative firm that helps their clients to identify and develop their brand, marketing strategy and marketing plans as well providing the creative ideas and inspiration to put it all into action!

With over two decades of marketing and media experience, Alex also has an unshakeable knowledge of all-things marketing. She graduated with flying colours in a Media & Communications Degree and in 2008 gained a Guerilla Marketing certification and is now also studying for the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Professional Diploma in Marketing – one of the highest level qualifications the CIM offers.

A confident and lively public speaker, Alex also gives marketing workshops, webinars and presents on the topic to events, exhibitions and conferences, including the Business Mum Conference 2010 in Brighton.

Alex has been running her own businesses for nearly ten years and remains as motivated, driven, inspired and dedicated to helping other businesses, as she was on day one. Her fun and open personality complements her ability to really help businesses not only market successfully but ultimately to be successful.

If you would like to work with Alex and the team then call us on 0845 272 3539 TODAY and start making a success of your small business marketing!