Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

We help you understand your marketing, getting it right, seeing results.

As experienced small business marketing consultants, we help our clients firstly understand and then develop their marketing strategy. We guide you through a process that gives you a real understanding of your business and how you want to position it and market it.

Working with us in a one-2-one situation, you will learn the fundamentals of small business marketing so that you can move forward independently knowing you are making the right choices. And we give you the tools that you get you on the right track.

What you will get:

  • Personal attention and guidance to help you understand your business and how to implement your small business marketing
  • A-ha moments about your business and how you should be marketing it (and who to)
  • A thorough understanding of how you can market your business with real results
  • A strategy document that sets out your marketing strategy, including what your offering is, who your target market segments are, what marketing activities you are going to be utilising and a marketing plan for your chosen time period (up to 12 months) that sets out timings, costs and tactics.

If you think your marketing should be giving you better results, or you are just not sure where to start, then we can help, so get in touch TODAY!