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IS content KING?

I read this great post last week called “60 Proven Ways to Increase Your Online Marketing Influence” on the Hubspot blog and I bookmarked it because I knew I would want to come back to it: 1) to refer to and remind myself of the ways mentioned and 2) because I realised it would be a good basis for a post of my own.

Out of the 60 ways included in the list, 12 of them (that’s 20%) mentioned directly or referred to “content” or “message”.

So IS content King?

Errr simply: YES. Without content you would have no blogs, no newsletters, no websites, no sales letters, no stream, no feed, no… anything. So yes it IS king, but only if you get it right.

Your content is the real vehicle for getting your business, message, brand and more out there – the ways you do it i.e...

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Marketing Basics: Your business card and what you SHOULD be doing with it!

business-cardWhen starting a business one of the first things everyone says they need is a business card.  But how many of us actually think about why we need one?

What do you really use your business card for?  Well, you can give it to people who you think might be interested in your business so that they can keep in touch with you.

But did you think that you can use your business card to actually encourage those people (or prospects) to “make that call”? (Or send you an email….?)

Yes your business card is a compact delivery method of your key company and contact info, but it is also a marketing tool...

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Marketing basics: Blogging for your business and can it get you any?

First things first.  What is a blog?  A blog is a simple, cost-effective way to get an online presence for your business.  Blogs are basically a form of website but one that is set up to be changed or added to easily so that you can communicate regularly with your readers.

And even if you have a website already they are a good way to boost your rankings – especially if you have a link back to your site on every post and people start to follow it. Most people hear blog and panic!  If that’s you (like initially it was me!) then don’t.  They are easy to set up and easy to manage.  They are not necessarily easy to keep going but like any part of your business they require commitment.

Can a blog get you business?

There are plenty of people out there who resoundingly say YES! – blogging can get you business.  I say, it depends.

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