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Turning disaster into opportunity

This particular post is rather apt for me after the couple of weeks I have just had.  In fact, it has been a couple of weeks of one thing after another going wrong. You know how it feels: you deal with one problem, think everything is back to normal and then something else happens.  Nooooooo…..!

Three or four years ago I would have probably gone into major meltdown, felt very sorry for myself and not been able to see the possibilities of the situation – no matter what anyone said.

Now things are different. I’m not saying I don’t have a momentary – argggghhh!  I still have an initial emotional reaction.  The difference is, I don’t let that one initial emotional reaction dictate how I then continue to respond to the situation.

I now know it is within my power to turn disaster into opportunity.  It’s within your power too.

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