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Networking – how to make it work for your business

This post covers what I think is one of the most effective ways of generating leads for your business: Networking – the traditional face to face type.

As most networking groups wind down for the Christmas break, now is the perfect time to look at what your networking strategy is going to be for the New Year. And by strategy I simply mean how are you going to be using networking to promote your business?

Networking is Marketing

If you aren’t doing any networking as yet for your business, it is certainly something you should be thinking about. Networking is a very useful marketing strategy. To get the most out of your networking, however, you need to consider the following:

1. Networking is a long-term strategy. You may think that if after your first networking meeting you don’t walk away wi...

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Taking the “SHOULD” out of your marketing

How to break free of the marketing activities
that everyone else says you should be doing!

Woman with lots of stickies

As a small business owner, responsible for pretty much everything from running the finances, to making the tea, from organising your diary to doing the marketing, have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the different marketing activities you think you should be doing – because everyone else is?

I know I have done in the past!

I have spoken to three people in the last week or so where the topic of conversation was just this: what marketing should I be doing and how do I know it’s the right thing?

With more and more ways to communicate with your target market, it seems that the choices for marketing activity is just growing. The explosion of social media has just compounded this. For example some people say that to be effective in your marketing you SHOULD be doing a monthly email newsletter, a weekly or daily blog, Twittering like crazy and regular online networking etc.

WRONG! Your marketing, your specific marketing for your specific small business, is just that: specific. Just because other people are doing those things, doesn’t mean you have to or SHOULD.

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The essence of brand…

arrows-confusion-1…The essence of your business

I have been talking to a few new clients recently and all seem to be in a similar position. They have an amazing passion for what they do and want to run their own business, but when it comes to actually working out what it actually is they want to do in their business, something happens.

Either, they have been caught up in a ‘title’ and feel they have to reflect that or due to the very helpful comments and suggestions from friends and family, have moved so far from their original idea that they are not really sure what they are doing any more.

When I find clients in either of these situations, or indeed in any situation that means they have lost sight of their business brand, one of the things I do – usually before we do anything else – is to take them back to the very beginning. As a certified marketing coach one of my skills is to help my clients ‘find’ their brand (again).

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