Every business needs a bright spark now and then...

Every business needs a bright spark now and then...

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Is your marketing running circles around you?

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During th...

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Marketing Basics: Your business card and what you SHOULD be doing with it!

business-cardWhen starting a business one of the first things everyone says they need is a business card.  But how many of us actually think about why we need one?

What do you really use your business card for?  Well, you can give it to people who you think might be interested in your business so that they can keep in touch with you.

But did you think that you can use your business card to actually encourage those people (or prospects) to “make that call”? (Or send you an email….?)

Yes your business card is a compact delivery method of your key company and contact info, but it is also a marketing tool...

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Marketing Basics: Promotions and Competitions…

And using them the right way to raise your profile

OK…. I have run competitions before. In my newsletter and in the ‘real’ world. And to be honest they don’t always work. But when they do, they can be very powerful for your business. They must be, otherwise why would so many companies, including the ‘big boys of the bottomless marketing budgets” use them? (They may have money to spend but they don’t often waste it!)

So running a promotion or a competition seems like you are just giving stuff away. Wrong. You are using promotions and competitions to gain information about your target audience. And that phrase is key – target audience. The reason why many promotions and competitions don’t work, is because they are aimed at the wrong audience for the business involved, or the offer or prize being supplied just doesn’t interest them.

I know I have talked about your target audience before but this is just another example of why it is key; why it is crucial to know and understand your target audience. If you don’t know who you are selling to, and why, and what, then you’re marketing efforts are going to be sporadically productive at best.

If you don’t know who/what your target audience is, then you need to do some research and thinking about your product or service. If you don’t know who your target audience then you have more thinking to do. If you do have a good idea then well done! You are in the minority probably. But let me be clear it is a target audience. Target, as in pinpoint. Not general, but focused.

A target audience is not: “all small business owners” no matter how much you think it is or want it to be. With approximately 4 million small businesses in the UK you can’t be possibly be targeting them all in the same way. You need to focus down.

Moving on…

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Twitter: what’s it all about then?

The Essential Twitter Dichotomy…twitter_logo_header1

It’s quite funny.  The amount of tweets on Twitter I see that say, “Just joined Twitter, what’s it all about?” or “New to Twitter – help!”. I do have to laugh because that was me about two months ago.

I had heard of Twitter – I think the first time I heard about it was last summer – say August 08. But apart from knowing it was some kind of social media tool I had absolutely no idea what it what was, what it was for and why on earth I should care!

Oh the beauty and benefit of hindsight! I wouldn’t be without Twitter now, but the question is still posed by many – both newbies and veterans and me on occasion – “what’s it all about then?” And by that I mean some people are still struggling to understand the uses and benefits of Twitter; others are having ‘discussions’ on how best to use Twitter or what it’s greatest strengths are.

twitter_birdie1I say… IT DEPENDS! Just like any other marketing strategy in the stable, Twitter and social media at large, does what you need it to do – if you know what that is! Those people who join because they think they should are the same people who have a blog but no idea why (or what to do with it). On the flip side those Twitterati, the IM gurus, the 10k plus followers people have a vastly different viewpoint.

This post examines what Twitter means to different people and how it can be used to suit both different marketing strategies and different agendas – i.e. what they hope Twitter will do for them.

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Marketing Basics: Public Relations – how to shout about your business success!


OK so Public Relations – or PR – was one of the alternatives I suggested to advertising in the last Marketing Basics post.  It is also something we should all be doing to promote our businesses.  There is so much to write about PR that this could be the longest newsletter ever.  But I really don’t want to bore you – ok – I really want to try not to bore you!

There are three main things I think you should know and remember about PR and they are what I lovingly call the Three Cs:




Here is the explanation of the 3 Cs in what I hope will be an illuminating fashion.

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