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Marketing Basics: Creating a newsletter your subscribers want to read

Part of the Marketing Basics series: 17 Ways to generate leads for your business…

moonI really do enjoy putting my newsletter together.

The only problem I ever have is religiously sticking to the monthly timetable I have set myself.  I know why I have set that monthly frequency – because I was told to and because everything I read all those years ago said that was the best thing to do.

I have since come to realise that it really doesn’t matter if my newsletter is a couple of days late – because honestly, you’re not sitting there just waiting for it are you?  Of course not – you have far more important things to do!

So I’m going to ditch the monthly thing and just send you out a newsletter when the mood takes me. Now I promise not to go crazy and make you want to unsubscribe and I also promise I won’t forget about you either.

But what I will do is promise to always try to make my newsletters an interesting read and about something that will hopefully provide you with new or helpful information for your business.

Ok so moving on to the meat of this Marketing Basic.

Even as recently as five years ago people were saying: if you don’t have a website – you don’t have a business that will be able to survive or compete.  That wasn’t really true then.  It is now… and it applies to all types of businesses.  The same is now becoming true of having an email newsletter.

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