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The essence of brand…

arrows-confusion-1…The essence of your business

I have been talking to a few new clients recently and all seem to be in a similar position. They have an amazing passion for what they do and want to run their own business, but when it comes to actually working out what it actually is they want to do in their business, something happens.

Either, they have been caught up in a ‘title’ and feel they have to reflect that or due to the very helpful comments and suggestions from friends and family, have moved so far from their original idea that they are not really sure what they are doing any more.

When I find clients in either of these situations, or indeed in any situation that means they have lost sight of their business brand, one of the things I do – usually before we do anything else – is to take them back to the very beginning. As a certified marketing coach one of my skills is to help my clients ‘find’ their brand (again).

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